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Lives, Livelihoods and the Future

EUA Campaign have produced an exclusive report on why providing financial support for the Excluded is essential for the economy as we Build Back Better.

We are calling on the Government to directly engage with us and provide meaningful financial support; parity is essential for the economy. Without adequate and equal support for the 3.8 million Excluded British taxpayers, the UK is in danger of a further economic slump with long-term scarring and the associated social issues that occur.

The continued injustice is unconscionable so if you have been Excluded, please take the time to read our report and we ask that you share it with your colleagues, local MPs and on social media so that everyone understands the untenable situation we all face.

A big thank you to crossparty MP's, SPADS, Professional Advisors, Journalists, Campaigners and the EUA Team for contributing to this vital report on behalf of the Excluded - from Martin Wood & Andy Lupton EUA Co-Founders


An estimated 3.8 million people were denied access to any meaningful financial assistance during the pandemic. As a result lives and livelihoods have been lost and taxpayers, through no fault of their own, are suffering financial hardship and a mental health crisis.

EUA Campaign will continue to raise awareness of those who have been Excluded, engaging with MPs and the media through our direct action lobbying events.

What our supporters say

“I had a conversation with the Chancellor, and he said to me that the Excluded could claim Universal Credit. I tried to argue with him that these are people, who through no fault of their own, were going to lose their income, he had an obligation to them but he simply didn’t get it. He simply didn’t get it because he simply doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand what it is like to be in that situation, when you are going to be on your knees, when you can’t meet your liabilities”.

“I am still so angry that the opportunity was right there at the start and has remained all the way through the crisis, that could have dealt with and this has not been taken up.


“What is a Government if it isn’t there to support people? Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak have an awful lot to learn.”



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